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    by Dr. Ryan B. Jackson STOP beating yourself up. Seriously, starting today stop this longstanding, toxic practice of tearing yourself down when something does not go right, especially when you have built incredible systems matched only by your intense discipline, and things still-fall-apart. Read the rest of this blog to learn why I want youContinue…


  • Perpetual

    by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Can I change your life in 600 words? Wait. Too grandiose. Instead, can I get you to stop, momentarily pause the machine, in order to inspire you just enough to kindle an ember of clairvoyant optimism? That’s my objective. My mission. I, too, have been bitten by the #OneWord bugContinue…


  • A new era of visionary leadership begins

    by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Let’s start with a quick story, shall we? This past year I transitioned from an assistant principal at a large metropolitan high school to the executive principal of a small, rural high school. Like any leader, I packed up my bag of tricks, curated over a decade and sharpened inContinue…


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Hi, I’m Dr. J, Underdog’s Advocate and founder of Fit-Leaders

I am a leadership and education consultant, keynote speaker, fitness enthusiast, and proud husband and dad!


  • The School that could change everything

    by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Fear inhibits creativity. It’s a psychological fact. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of change, or fear of making a mistake, the simple yet gripping effects of fear keep us in a perpetual state of self-control. Authors Chip & Dan Heath detail the effects of intense, unwavering self-control on ourContinue…


  • Mr. Progress

    by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D I’ve talked before about my decision to stop drinking alcohol. This New Year’s Eve marked four years sober. My biological father died well over a year ago, end result of a hard-living life. He and I had been estranged five years before he finally met his grandson (relationships first toContinue…