A new era of visionary leadership begins

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Let’s start with a quick story, shall we? This past year I transitioned from an assistant principal at a large metropolitan high school to the executive principal of a small, rural high school. Like any leader, I packed up my bag of tricks, curated over a decade and sharpened inContinue reading “A new era of visionary leadership begins”

The School that could change everything

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Fear inhibits creativity. It’s a psychological fact. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of change, or fear of making a mistake, the simple yet gripping effects of fear keep us in a perpetual state of self-control. Authors Chip & Dan Heath detail the effects of intense, unwavering self-control on ourContinue reading “The School that could change everything”

Mr. Progress

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D I’ve talked before about my decision to stop drinking alcohol. This New Year’s Eve marked four years sober. My biological father died well over a year ago, end result of a hard-living life. He and I had been estranged five years before he finally met his grandson (relationships first toContinue reading “Mr. Progress”

Burning down the house: Rising from the ashes of NCLB

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D The Chinese have a great philosophy on crisis. The eastern vantage point sees crisis as Danger meets opportunity. For many educators, reformers and parents, the United State’s education system has been on the precipice of disaster for some time – considered by many to be a full-blown crisis. Since myContinue reading “Burning down the house: Rising from the ashes of NCLB”

Finding the Courage to Create

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D An anchor statement is your brand’s bottom-line, the boiled-down essence of everything your organization represents. I’ve been on a mission lately, evangelizing to educators the power of embracing their brand, both personal and professional, and I’m prepared now to put my money where my mouth is. I was recently hiredContinue reading “Finding the Courage to Create”

Nanodegree Nation

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Maury County Public Schools is in the midst of massive change. A once stagnant district now has a new innovative Director of Schools, a global partner in Discovery Education and a quickly crystallizing plan to become middle Tennessee’s first 1:1 school system. MCPS’ 1:1 push serves a plethora of functions,Continue reading “Nanodegree Nation”

Making the case for competition

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Educators everywhere are celebrating because it’s finally March – which means a couple of different things: spring’s promise of better weather and new beginnings, as well as the fanatical fervor of college basketball’s March Madness. Since March’s weather matches the temper of your building’s copier, let’s instead focus on theContinue reading “Making the case for competition”

Graduating with empathy

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D I love hopping on Voxer and listening to other leaders make the case for top leadership traits. Passion, communication, vision, ingenuity, integrity – the usual suspects. All solid traits, no doubt, yet I’m here to make the case for the underdog of emotions, the most underrated of all leadership traits:Continue reading “Graduating with empathy”

Why schools must create a culture of reading

by Jarred Amato As a high school English teacher, I constantly find myself creating analogies to help my students comprehend confusing concepts. (I’m also a sucker for alliteration, but that’s beside the point). And so, during a recent conference with a student, a member of the Maplewood freshman football team, and his father, a formerContinue reading “Why schools must create a culture of reading”