A new era of visionary leadership begins

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Let’s start with a quick story, shall we? This past year I transitioned from an assistant principal at a large metropolitan high school to the executive principal of a small, rural high school. Like any leader, I packed up my bag of tricks, curated over a decade and sharpened inContinue reading “A new era of visionary leadership begins”

Finding the Courage to Create

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D An anchor statement is your brand’s bottom-line, the boiled-down essence of everything your organization represents. I’ve been on a mission lately, evangelizing to educators the power of embracing their brand, both personal and professional, and I’m prepared now to put my money where my mouth is. I was recently hiredContinue reading “Finding the Courage to Create”

Nanodegree Nation

by Ryan B. Jackson, Ed.D Maury County Public Schools is in the midst of massive change. A once stagnant district now has a new innovative Director of Schools, a global partner in Discovery Education and a quickly crystallizing plan to become middle Tennessee’s first 1:1 school system. MCPS’ 1:1 push serves a plethora of functions,Continue reading “Nanodegree Nation”